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When You Need To Repair Hydraulic Equipment

You Need Gilson

Hydraulic Equipment Repairs

Repair - Rebuild -

AS one of the leading independent Hydraulic Engineering companies based in Newbury Berkshire, Gilson Engineering has the experience to offer you a fast and reliable service for all your Hydraulic Equipment

In addition to repairing Hydraulic Rams and Pumps, we repair and supply most types of hydraulic equipment including valves, motors, accumulators, power packs, grabs, hoses and power steering including associated components and accessories.

We also undertake extensive repairs to associated equipment such as mounting brackets and frameworks to include machining, welding and fabrication, re-bushing and supply of new mounting pins. We carry a large range of raw materials for re-manufacture and repairs which are carried out in-house in our fully equipped workshops and machine shops.

Unsure about whether to repair or replace your Hydraulic Component?
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About Us

Gilson Engineering is an independent hydraulic company with over 47 years of experience and is regarded as one of the leading hydraulic repair and supply centres. We've built our reputation on quality, service and experience. Our valued customers are from all industry sectors and they continue to come back to us because they know they can rely on us.

Hydraulic Engineering Berkshire